Why is XRP price dropping today?

XRP (XRP) prices are down today, reflecting trends elsewhere in the cryptocurrency market as traders await the Federal Reserve’s interest rate decision in a week.

XRP prices are falling amid increasing dollar strength

On July 24, the price of XRP fell by 8% to $0.68, beating the crypto market’s 3.5% decline on the same day. The XRP/USD pair declined in the middle growing expectations that the Fed will raise interest rates by 25 basis points in its July 25-26 meeting.

XRP/USD versus crypto market daily performance chart. Source: TradingView

The higher rate environment is considered bad for cryptocurrencies like XRP. As a result, some traders have exited high-cap cryptos to seek refuge in safer assets such as the US dollar, selling off at the peak of a Ripple-led market rally on July 13.

For example, XRP price rose 75% on July 13 but was unable to extend its gains above $1. Since then, the token price has fallen by 28%. On the other hand, the US dollar index (DXY) is up nearly 2% over the same period.

Meanwhile, the correlation coefficient between DXY and XRP was -0.79 on July 24 compared to +0.25 on July 13, suggesting a bigger downside to XRP if the dollar continues to rise in the coming months.

Daily correlation coefficient between DXY and XRP. Source: TradingView

What’s next for XRP price in July?

From a technical perspective, XRP has entered an overbought correction stage after its weekly relative strength index (RSI) rose to 72, its highest level since April 2021, last week.

XRP/USD weekly price chart. Source: TradingView

A bear scenario would see XRP price drop towards $0.59 in July or early August. This level was support during the July 2021-January 2022 session and is also the 0.236 Fib line of the token’s Fibonacci retracement chart (pulled from a $1.15 swing high to a $0.30 swing low).

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Conversely, a decisive close above the 0.382 Fib line near $0.77 could see XRP retesting the $1 resistance to gain around 30% from its current price level.

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