Weekend Reading 23.7.23 | Centational Style

I went on an impromptu trip this week, I found a lot on the flight to Palm Springs so I’m going to be spending two days in that city and I’m going to be driving over to Joshua Tree to take some pictures too. The area is a really cool part of California, you can walk around and see all the mid-century modern architecture in Palm Springs, and just thirty minutes from the city experience the bohemian desert energy of Yucca Valley and Joshua Trees.

I had some painting projects waiting for me when I got back, I did the family gallery wall upstairs in black and white and painted the kitchen and living room as well. Just a few more weeks of summer then back to school. I soak up as much sun as I can and relax until the day comes. 🙂

Favorite link from this week:

This Colorado house it has a beautiful contemporary furniture arrangement.

Outback design error which makes your house look old fashioned.

Love the terrazzo look? Thirteen kitchens with a terrazzo table.

If you’re a fan of the red, white, and blue palette, you’ll love it the decor of this Italian hotel.

Do you know the difference between concrete, cement and mortar?

How to stencil tea towels in a modern block print pattern.

How is artificial intelligence used today in the design industry.

Wine lovers: take a peek at the list fifty of the world’s best wineries.

Dream vacation: this vacation rental at Oia in Greece.

Difference between requests, restrictions, and ultimatums.

A letter? How majestic!

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