VIRAL: German woman drags global warming idiot off the street with her hair – TWICE! (VIDEO) | Gatekeeper

The left believes they have the right to violate your life and make you miserable to push their politics.

Global warming activists, who are paid for by far-left organizations and foreign dollars, believe that the West must urgently end their use of fossil fuels even though millions of people would die from such drastic measures. These same leftist protesters stop traffic, disrupt commerce, destroy historic art, and abuse residents in their communities.

Not everyone is willing to respect their crude tactics.

A woman does not have it. He dragged a female protester from the street by the hair – TWICE!

Achtung Gewalt:

Von der Straße gezerrt & an den Haaren weggezogen!

❓ Are you a genius, would you be happy if you knew, if you never fried it in Straßen setzen, um darauf aufmerksam zu machen, dass die Zivilisation in der Klimakatastrophe versinken wird?

1/3 pic.twitter.com/I0rnq4eDTF

— Letzte Generation (@AufstandLastGen) July 14, 2023

Climate activists blocked roads in Germany this week.

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