Victor Reacts: The FBI Are Overwhelmed With Their OWN Crime Reports! (VIDEO) | Gateway Experts | by Victor Nieves

The FBI took to twitter and asked Americans to report any criminal activity to them through them tip website.

Justice is better than revenge. You may not be Superman, but you can help #FBI protect the country. If you have information about federal crimes, speak up now. Call 1-800-225-5324 or visit https://t.co/t8G7LO4hxu to submit tips. pic.twitter.com/kn9QhlNhGx

— FBI Washington Field (@FBIWFO) July 10, 2023

Their request backfires when they are overwhelmed with their OWN crime reports. As The Gateway Pundit reports, these crimes include when the FBI:

** Spying on President Trump based on false information
**Lied to the American people about spying on Trump
** Hides Hunter’s laptop
**Still unable to find Hunter’s laptop
** Lied about the laptop
**Lied to the American public during Trump’s impeachment knowing Trump did nothing wrong
**Sending agents to the US Capitol on January 6th
** Infiltrate the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers
** Raided the homes of their political opponents
** Raided the homes of opposition candidates on charges of trash
** Ignore hundreds of Hunter Biden crimes
** Prepare poor white men in Michigan
** Abandoned Biden Family betrayal deal
**Lied about the investigation into criminal acts in the 2020 election

Sometimes jokes just write themselves.

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