USL to vote for promotion/relegation in August – source

July 11, 2023, 8:49 p.m. ET

The USL is set to vote whether or not to adopt promotion and relegation between its divisions, sources confirmed to ESPN.

This news was first reported by Athletics.

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The USL – currently consisting of the Championship and League One – represents the second and third tier of soccer in the United States after MLS. The Athletic Report adds that the USL will ideally add a third league to its ecosystem in the coming years to make pro/rail more attractive and could start as early as 2024 if passed.

Voting is expected to take place in USL Board of Governors meeting from August 9 – 11 in Colorado Springs, Colorado, to gauge interest in USL owners in getting pro/rail into the league.

Promotion and relegation is the model used by leagues in nearly every country around the world, including England, Spain, Germany, Brazil and Argentina, but the idea is being kept under wraps by MLS commissioner Don Garber.

The USL will be the first major sports league to implement promotion and relegation in the US if approved.

ESPN writer Jeff Carlisle contributed to this story.

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