Twitter officially changes its logo to ‘X’

Twitter has removed the iconic bird logo and adopted the ‘X’ as its official logo. This move comes after Elon Musk announced the change over the weekend. The changes are already live on the website.

Notably, Musk tweeted that is now also redirecting to In the post, Musk also refers to this as a “temporary” logo, so we may see another logo change in the future.

The social network may not stop at just changing the logo. Musk said the company would eventually “say goodbye to the Twitter brand and, gradually, all the birds.”

Late Sunday, Musk changed his profile picture to the new Twitter logo. The official Twitter account @Twitter has also changed its name and display image to the new X logo.

Image Credit: Twitter/@Twitter

In a reply to users, Musk also hinted that people should refer to Tweets as “X”.

The company’s CEO Linda Yaccarino tweeted that while Twitter is changing the way people communicate with each other, X will go a step further and will have features “centric to audio, video, messaging, payments/banking” and make it a “global marketplace for ideas, goods, services and opportunity.” Sounds like a lot of things.

X is the future state of seamless interactivity – centered on audio, video, messaging, payments/banking – creating global marketplaces for ideas, goods, services and opportunity. Powered by AI, X will connect us all in ways we are only beginning to imagine.

— Linda Yaccarino (@lindayacc) July 23, 2023

Musk’s obsession with the letter ‘X’ is well known. He founded in 1997, which eventually became PayPal. His space startup, SpaceX, has an ‘X’ logo. And most recently, he founded an AI company called In April, the Musk-owned social network changed its official name from Twitter Inc. become X Corp.

This isn’t the first time Musk has changed the Twitter logo. Earlier this year, he briefly changed the social network’s logo to a Doge meme. Developers who have created extensions to avoid the doge logo said it also works for the new “X” logo – so you can recover the bird logo quickly.

Twitter didn’t have the iconic bird logo during its early years. In 2010, the company officially adopted a crest logo called “Larry the bird” – named after legendary Boston Celtics basketball player Larry Bird.

The company’s move to rebrand comes days after Musk answer to users who say it’s still in “cash flow negative” due to “~50% drop in ad revenue plus heavy debt burden.”

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