Tucker Carlson Breaks into the Internet and Interviews Andrew Tate for Over 2 Hours – Tate Tells the Story of His Arrest in Romania and How the US Embassy Wasn’t Interested in Getting Him Out (VIDEO) | Gateway Experts | by Jim Hopt

Tucker Carlson on Tuesday released his latest Tucker on Twitter video, Episode 9 – Andrew Tate Interview. Tucker flew to Romania to interview Andrew Tate.

The discussion lasted for two and a half hours!

The video was posted at 16:05.

Here he is.

ep. 9 The Andrew Tate Interview pic.twitter.com/0KKMzSVmMO

— Tucker Carlson (@TuckerCarlson) July 11, 2023

Andrew Tate described his arrest and imprisonment in Romania earlier this year.

At one point in the interview, he told Tucker that the US Embassy had not been very helpful during his ordeal. Tate is a US citizen. ‘The American Embassy is not very helpful. Let’s put it this way. They are not very interested in me being locked up without being charged.”

Andrew Tate later added of the US Embassy, ​​“I don’t want to peddle conspiracy theories. And I’ve heard a lot of information but, I wouldn’t say they approved of it – but something – they weren’t interested in kicking me out. They pretend they care. The British Embassy doesn’t even pretend to care. The British Embassy I think enjoyed it.”

We will update this post…

The Tucker introduction is classic Tucker.

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