Trump’s Retrospective Approval Ratings Are A Disaster For Republicans

Only two modern-day presidents have yet to see their approval ratings rise by more than 50% after leaving office. The first is Richard Nixon. The second is Donald Trump.

Gallup conducted retrospective approval ratings for nine of the most recent eleven presidents. Ford and Johnson were omitted because more than 20% of respondents were unable to provide an opinion. Gallup found that after leaving office, the retrospective approval rating of each former president increased. JFK is the most popular former president with a 90% approval rating. Reagan came in second with 69%. George HW Bush is third with 66% Barack Obama is fourth with 63%. Bill Clinton was fifth with 58% followed by Jimmy Carter and George W. Bush with 57%. Trump at 46%, and Nixon at 32%.

Absence Doesn’t Make Voters More Like Trump

This doesn’t matter if Trump doesn’t lead the Republican presidency in 2024. It seems that the Trump presidency is only remembered by the former president and his supporters.

Voters don’t want Trump back, even as the former president leans hard on the argument that things were better in Trump’s good old days.

Trump would be a disastrous election candidate for the Republican Party. As Democrats prepare for the potential third-party No Label candidate siphoning the votes out of President Biden, it’s fair to ask how many votes outside the Republican base Trump could get.

Trump is the anchor ready to sink the Republican Party in 2024.

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