Trump Disqualifies Himself From Being President Again

In a Fox News rant, Trump claimed that the FBI had plotted against him while he was president and planned to remove him from office on “trumped-up” charges.


Trump said on Sunday Morning Futures Fox News when asked about the FBI:

When you have McCabe and you have Lisa Page and the whole group, Strzok, Strzok and Page, it’s such a wonderful couple, when you have all these people on insurance policies, what happens, baby, what happens if he doesn’t, what happens if he wins? Ah, that’s not going to happen.

But if yes, remember this, but if yes, we have an insurance policy. Well, the insurance policy is we’ll get it out. How bad — when you look at that, now, if I didn’t fire Comey, and, remember, some people said, oh, you should fire him — I fired him very, very, very early. You know, a lot of people, some very smart people you know very well have said that I made the mistake of firing Comey because it was annoying the apple cart. Now they say it was one of the biggest instinct moves they’ve ever seen because the insurance policy was they were going to kick me out. They will try to get me out by making false accusations and fake crimes. Who would have thought that this could happen to our country? It’s not even possible.

Donald Trump wants to be president, but he thinks the FBI is plotting to catch him while he’s in the Oval Office. The claim is so preposterous that it reveals how unstable Trump is. Trump cannot be trusted with any form of power.

Play this clip for every voter who is not yet a Deonald Trump supporter and they will be deeply disturbed.

What former president is on his mind, and those thoughts are very dangerous for US and global security.

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