Trump Could Be Federally Indicted Over His Coup Attempt This Week

Former Attorney General Neal Katyal expressed confidence that Trump would likely be federally indicted in this week’s 1/6 investigation.

Katyal said on Inside with Jen Psaki:

I think most likely something will happen this week. So Jack Smith sent this target letter to Donald Trump saying that we see you specifically committing violations of two penal codes. He didn’t have to do that under Department of Justice rules, but it was so common, not that he guaranteed there would be an indictment. Sometimes the target letter was sent when no charges were ultimately filed. Here, however, I think all indications are that this is leading to an indictment. You don’t set a target letter to a former president unless you’re pretty sure you’ve got the goods.

And it looks like Jack Smith has the goods. There have been reports of the fact that Governor Kemp of Georgia has been summoned before Jack Smith to provide evidence about a fake voter plot. There have been suggestions that Trump’s former chief of staff Mark Meadows may have provided evidence against him for the Jack Smith investigation. And of course there is that we all know. We saw for two months what Donald Trump did after the November election. And all the different matters in the January six committee have revealed a lot, leading a highly respected federal judge, Judge David Carter in California, federal judge, to say that it is highly likely that Donald Trump committed a series of federal crimes, including two of which were included in Jack Smith’s target letter.


Neal Katyal said that federal charges against Trump could come this week. pic.twitter.com/zK1A9SEZXt

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) July 23, 2023

Katyal is an expert, and she should not be overlooked. Chances are very good that Trump’s federal indictments will be coming soon. It’s not a race, but it’s understandable if Smith wants to get the ball rolling on a potential 1/6 of cases as soon as the 2024 election calendar draws near.

It’s likely that all of Trump’s federal indictments will come before the first Republican presidential debate held in late August on Fox News. Even though Trump has said he won’t be participating in the debate, prosecutors may want the indictment process to be completed before the Republican presidential nominee advances to the debate stage.

Watch closely as this could be the week Trump is held accountable for his coup attempt.

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