Top Intel Source for Seymour Hersh: “Biden’s Main Problem in the War is He’s Messed Up” | Gateway Experts | by Richard Abelson

White House resident Joe Biden bought support from Turkish President for Sweden’s NATO membership with $13 billion from the IMF, investigative journalists report Seymour Hersh, citing a high-level intel source. There is currently a “great power struggle” going on within a “dying government” that is faced with a failed war in Ukraine. Joe Biden was “unconscious” and Ukrainian war hawk Victoria Nuland had been “blocked”. The source advised “all professionals inside to take cover”, he said.

“Biden’s main problem in the war is that he is screwed,” one informed official told Hersh. “We didn’t give the Ukrainians cluster bombs at the start of the war, but we give them cluster bombs now because they are all we have left in the cupboard. Isn’t this a bomb that is banned worldwide for killing children? But the Ukrainians told us they had no plans to drop it on civilians. And then the government claims that Russia used them first in the war, which is just a lie.”

“Either way,” the official told Hersh, “cluster bombs stand no chance of changing the course of the war.”

The real trouble will come in early August, when Russia “will strike back with a big blow”, Hersh quoted his unnamed source: “What happened then? The US has cornered itself by calling on NATO to do something. sending the brigades currently training in Poland and Romania on airstrikes?” We know more about German troops in Normandy in World War II than we do about Russian troops in Ukraine.”

The failed Ukraine war cost the Biden administration, Hersh wrote. On Monday, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu claimed that the Ukrainian counterattack had cost 26,000 casualties and 3,000 units of material, Gateway reported.

The increasingly unpopular war came at the expense of the Ukrainian war hawk Victoria Nuland, currently the Undersecretary of State for Policy. Nuland has been “blocked” from being promoted “to replace the highly respected Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman”, Hersh quoted a Democratic Party insider. “Nuland’s “anti-Russian politics and rhetoric” fits the tone and viewpoint of Biden and Secretary of State Tony Blinken.

Current CIA director Bill Burns is also maneuvering his way into the top job at the State Department, Hersh reported, “announced “his love for Biden and his intense dislike of all things Russian, including Putin,” in a speech in Britain on July 1. “liaison between intelligence teams operating from Norway and the Oval Office” during the Nord Stream pipeline sabotage operation, which Hersh reported in February 2023. his separate handling of the nine months planning and execution of a covert operation, approved by Biden, to destroy the Nord Steam pipeline I and II flowing from Russia to Germany”, wrote Hersh.

“Burns is also known for warning … that the continued eastward expansion of NATO — NATO now almost completely covering Russia’s western borders — is bound to lead to conflict.”

Sleepy Joe Biden “is dishonored throughout the CIA,” Hersh reports, “as many presidents have never been.” Hersh’s source noted that “everything is fluctuating throughout Biden’s national security bureaucracy. “Yes. Yes,” he said in a message. “Big shuffle. Big power struggle. Biden is unconscious. All the ants are fighting for the crumbs of the dying government. Advise all professionals inside to take cover. Wait and see the color of the smoke from Vatican Chancellor. Explain Kool-Aid Burns’ comments on England.”

At the NATO summit in Vilnius, Lithuania this week, Joe Biden asked Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to support NATO membership for Sweden by pledging Turkey an “$11-13 billion credit line” from the International Monetary Fund, Hersh reported. “Biden needs to win and Turkey is under acute financial pressure,” said a Hersh source.

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