TikTok launched a text posting feature to rival Twitter and Threads

Social media giant TikTok announced the launch of a feature aimed at dethroning Twitter (recently renamed X) as a text-based social media platform.

Just 20 days after Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta launched Threads to rival X, TikTok is joining the race by allowing TikTokers to create and post text-based content. The new one feature aims to provide a platform for users to showcase their creativity through comments and captions.

TikTok user interface for text posts. Source: TikTok

When creating a new post on TikTok, users can choose between photos, videos and text. Unlike Threads and X, TikTok allows for greater customization of text posts, allowing TikTokers to include features such as location and music.

According to TikTok, other features “to make your text-based content stand out” are stickers, tags and hashtags, background colors, and draft saves.

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While TikTok seeks to differentiate itself from its competitors, Threads has been accused of blatantly copying the interface Twitter has used for more than a decade. However, the similarities between Threads and X are no longer limited to the visuals.

Threads recently imposed a speed limit to block crypto and spam bots.

Adam Mosseri’s explanation for the introduction of speed limits in Threads. Source: Thread

“Spam attacks have increased so we have had to tighten things like rate caps, which means more limits on accidentally active (false positive) people. If you get stuck [in] that protection let us know,” explains Instagram head Adam Mosseri.

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