The rule change allows trainers a chance at a second challenge

June 22, 2021; Phoenix, Arizona, USA; NBA referee Scott Foster (right) with Kane Fitzgerald and Curtis Blair during video review of the Phoenix Suns against the Los Angeles Clippers during game two of the Western Conference Finals for the 2021 NBA Playoffs at Phoenix Suns Arena. Image: Mark J. Rebilas -USA TODAY Sports

NBA coaches who want the ability to challenge second umpire calls in games will be able to do so next season – as long as they are successful with their first call.

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The rule change is one of two announced by the league’s Board of Governors on Tuesday.

Other ruts target players trying to attract offensive foul calls by “dropping” – dropping to the floor as if they had been hit by someone on the team who had the ball.

The league tested both changes during a Summer League game and were pleased with the results. The rules are approved unanimously by the NBA’s Competition Committee, which is made up of players, coaches, referees, players’ union representatives, team executives, and governors.

Trainers will maintain their time limit if their first challenge is successful, and they must still have some remaining time limit if they want to attempt a second overturn. However, the teams did not defend their time limit even if they managed to win the second overturn.

The anti-flopping measure, which comes on the basis of a year’s trial, calls for the erring player to be assessed for a technical foul, although officials do not have to stop play immediately. At the next stoppage of play, the other team will be awarded a free throw, and the team assigned to control the ball when play was stopped will defend the ball when play resumes.

Players called for failure will face fines starting at $2,000 and subject to increments for repeated offences.

The league also noted that a graded technical foul due to a flop will not count toward penalties currently made for punitive actions, such as suspensions.

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