The Myth of the Republican Party Is Busted As Biden Leads America To Record Oil Production Split

President Biden led America to record-breaking domestic oil production, while also providing the largest investment in clean energy.

Domestic oil production reaches a record high for 2023:

Here are the monthly totals for US oil production. *Up by about a million bpd this year.* pic.twitter.com/gNHp7tRkr2

— Steven Dennis (@StevenTDennis) July 22, 2023

Trump and the Republican Party have consistently claimed that under President Biden, the United States was not energy independent, or that Biden had reduced oil production. The chart above shows that oil production is growing under Biden, while at the same time, the President has made historic investments in clean energy production.

Republicans consistently frame the energy conversation in the United States as either/or. Either the US can produce more clean energy or fossil fuels.

The correct answer is always that the US can do both. The reality is that the nation is not ready to give up fossil fuels yet, but clean energy production is the future.

The United States has been energy independent for years and it has continued to do so during the Biden administration.

If the US is Energy Independent, Why Are Gas Prices So High?

The reason why gas prices are so high is because the oil drilled in the United States does not belong to the United States. The oil actually belongs to an oil company that puts its oil on the open market for sale around the world. The United States does not have its own oil company or government-run refineries. On federal lands, drilling is leased out to oil companies who pay the rent and then get what they find.

American oil does not belong to the United States, so when Republicans suggest that we drill more oil, what they are really suggesting is more profit for the oil companies.

Under Joe Biden, the United States is energy independent, setting record oil production and moving toward a clean energy future.

That’s the difference between having an energy policy and screaming a baby drill while putting oil company dollars in your pocket.

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