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The machete-wielding man thwarted; The employee’s foot got stuck in the turnstiles at the courthouse, the FBI said

A bailiff stuck his foot in the turnstiles at the entrance to the Dirksen Federal Courthouse to prevent a man wielding a machete from going inside, prosecutors said.

Leonard Delaney, 38, was charged with assaulting a federal court employee. A hearing to decide whether he should be detained until his trial is scheduled for Friday. He is being held at the Metropolitan Correctional Center.

According to a complaint, two “federal justice employees” and a civilian were chatting after lunch outside the courthouse on May 3. As one of the employees entered the turnstiles, Delaney pulled out a machete more than 14 inches long. Once inside the building, the unidentified employee jammed his foot against the door to keep Delaney out.

When the employee alerted security, Delaney allegedly held the knife up to shoulder height for several seconds, prosecutors said.

The machete was recovered from Leonard Delaney, according to court records.

The security guard ordered him to drop the machete and he did, the complaint says.

Delaney was panting and “looking aggressive,” according to the deputy marshal’s interview with employees. According to court records, Delaney suffered from mental illness.

Days before the incident, Delaney received an unfavorable verdict in a lengthy federal lawsuit he filed against his apartment complex, records show.

Under a May 15 court order, Delaney cannot enter the federal courthouses in Chicago or Rockford unless there is court approval and he is accompanied by a deputy US marshal.

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