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The driver, Jack Hazen, is in custody after speeding through a children’s triathlon in Wauconda, police said

Police say they have confiscated the driver’s Ford Mustang

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Sunday, July 23 2023 03:23

The Wauconda man has been charged with driving through a children's triathlon, police say

WAUCONDA, Illinois (WLS) — A man was charged after driving through a busy street during a children’s triathlon on Saturday in the northern suburb of Wauconda, police said.

Wauconda’s Jack A. Hazen was accused of stopping at the Garland and Bonner Streets intersection in a custom 2008 Ford Mustang GT and accelerating through erected barricades, past troops marked with emergency lights activated and a uniformed police officer yelling at him to stop.

According to police, Hazen continued south in Garland, meandering and speeding between traffic cones as the children participated in a triathlon.

He drove past other uniformed officers and was finally stopped by other officers at Garland and Winding Lane, police said.

“Fortunately, due to the swift action of the Wauconda Police personnel, no participants were injured,” said Police Chief Wermes in a release.

Hazen was charged with misdemeanor and felony.

The officer said that because of his reckless behavior, his vehicle was also confiscated by the Wauconda Police Department.

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