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LGBTQ activists are trying to force The Fort Worth Academy of Fine Arts (FWAFA) in Texas to allow boys to join the Singing Girls of Texas choir.

Following public comments, the school board rejected the attempt by a 4-2 vote.

Activists had pushed for gender identity to be used in determining which choir a child could be placed in, but the board voted in favor of using biological sex as a marker to separate choirs.

Fort Worth Report, “Students planning to audition for the famous Texas Boys Choir or Singing Girls of Texas must now provide an unaltered birth certificate before trying out for groups that match their sex at birth.”

Fox News reports:

As part of the vote, the board amended the school handbook to define “male” and “female” based on a child’s birth certificate. The original certificate must be presented as proof of biological sex to join The Texas Boys Choir and The Singing Girls of Texas.

Changes to the handbook for the Texas Boys Choir and Singing Girls of Texas were discussed in two different voices. In both cases, the FWAFA board voted to change the language associated with the two choirs.


Those rules are looped into the choir handbook’s annual review process. FWAFA is a public charter school and home to both choirs. The Texas Center for the Arts and Academia regulates it.

After the vote, the conservative group Citizens Defend Freedom shared, “This is another big win for kids and parents in Tarrant County,” said Kenya Ayoub Alu, executive director of Citizens Defending Freedom – Tarrant County. “We’re just defending common sense. Boys may not sing in the girls’ choir, and girls may not sing in the boys’ choir. The simple solution is to set up a choir together in addition to the girls’ choir and the boys’ choir. It doesn’t make sense to us that we even have to have this debate, but as long as liberal activists continue to push their agenda, we will continue to fight back.”

This comes after a vote in late June by the Keller Independent School District to ban boys from going into girls’ restrooms, and to stop students, faculty and staff from using preferred pronouns.

According to the Executive Director of Tarrant County Citizens Defending Freedom Kenya Alu, the ISD Keller School Board mandated that only biological sons may use the boys’ bathroom and only biological girls may use the girls’ bathroom.

Alu said the school pronoun policy had also been updated, and now said district officials “would not promote or require the use of pronouns that do not correspond to a person’s biological sex as shown on that person’s birth certificate.”

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