SHE RUN! Mayra Flores of the Conservative Republican Party Announces New Campaign for 2024 – Watch Video Launch | Gateway Experts | by Mike LaChance

Conservative Republican Mayra Flores shocked the political world in 2022, when she flipped a seat that had not been held by Republicans for more than a hundred years.

Even though he was beaten on the 2022 midterms, Republicans pushed for him to run again in Congress.

Now he has announced. He’s running for office again, hopefully with more support from the GOP this time around.

Post Millennial report:

Mayra Flores launched a new campaign in Texas to reclaim her seat in the House of Representatives

Former Texas Republican representative Mayra Flores launched a return bid for her home seat after she lost to Democratic Representative Vincente Gonzalez in Texas last time out.

Flores, who is the wife of a border agent, announced her candidacy on Fox and Friends.

During the clip, Flores criticized the work of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, saying, “It is time we impeach the Mayor, he has done a terrible job at the border. The situation here has not improved.”

Flores spoke about the continued problem of child trafficking with illegal border crossing permits. He said, “The Biden administration has lost track of 85,000 children, we don’t know where they are. That alone is reason to indict Mayorkas.”

Flores went on to announce her campaign to run for Texas, saying, “I’m declaring for Congress. We are taking back our seats.”

This is the announcement on FOX News:

.@MayraFlores2022 on Fox this morning announced its bid for 2024 #TX34. pic.twitter.com/sdvfP6hm2d

— Brad Johnson (@bradj_TX) July 11, 2023

Check out the launch video below, it’s great.

I am pleased to announce that I am officially running for Congress #TX34

We made history last year, but there is still work to be done here in South Texas.

I run to help restore the American Dream, secure our borders, and stand true to our values ​​of God, Family, and… pic.twitter.com/OgMKepIB8b

— Mayra Flores (@MayraFlores2022) July 11, 2023

Republicans have to work hard to bring this woman back to Congress.

He’s really conservative.

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