REVEALED: Biden Pentagon Leaks MILLIONS of Sensitive Military Messages to Russia-Friendly African Nations Thanks to “Common” Military Typos | Gateway Experts | by Cullen Linebarger

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Based on the report, it is not surprising that the Biden regime will subsequently fall victim to the old Nigerian prince trick.

Fox News revealed Monday that the Pentagon leaked millions of emails and messages to Mali, a country in west Africa. Leaks occur because a general typo in military according to network.

From Fox News:

A common typo in the US military has misdirected millions of emails and messages containing sensitive information to the African nation of Mali, the Pentagon confirmed Monday.

This issue stems from the US military “.MIL” domain name used for email, which is commonly mistyped as “.ML”, the domain for Mali. The leak resulted in the disclosure of non-classified but sensitive information, such as diplomatic documents, tax returns, passwords and travel details of high-ranking officials.

According to told the Financial Times, Dutch internet entrepreneur Johannes Zuurbier wrote to US officials this month raising the alarm. BBC notes Zuubier has had a contract to administer the state domain of Mali since 2013 and identified a Pentagon typo problem several years ago. In recent months, he has reportedly accumulated thousands of misaddressed emails.

Zuubier warned the US that its contract with the Malian government was about to expire, which he said meant “the risks are real and could be exploited by US adversaries.” As the BBC reportMali’s military government took control of the domain on Monday.

Mali is ally Russia, one of America’s most powerful enemies. There is a high probability that the Russian government will soon get this sensitive message from Mali and use it against America at an inopportune moment for us.

Steven Stransky, an attorney who previously served as a senior adviser to the Department of Homeland Security’s Legal Intelligence Division, agreed. He said that even non-classified information could prove useful to America’s adversaries, especially when it includes individual personnel details.

Such communications mean that foreign actors can start producing documents about our own military personnel, for espionage purposes, or can try to get them to disclose information in return for financial gain. This is of course information that can be used by foreign governments.

The Pentagon released this statement to Fox News after their report:

The Department of Defense is aware of the matter and takes any unauthorized disclosure of National Security Controlled or Uncontrolled Information seriously. DoD has implemented policies, training, and technical controls to ensure that email from “.mil” domains is not sent to the wrong domains. Such emails are blocked before leaving the .mil domain and senders are notified that they must validate the intended recipient’s email address.

As readers of the Gateway Pundit know, only a moron would take the Biden regime’s words for granted.

This is not the first time the Pentagon has “accidentally” leaked sensitive documents. Gateway Pundit reported in February that the Pentagon allowed unsecured servers to spill sensitive US military e-mail online for a full two weeks.

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