REPORT: Iowa Now A Solid Red State | Gateway Experts | by Mike LaChance

Iowa used to be a purple state, but not anymore. Like Florida, Iowa has switched to deep red.

People everywhere are starting to look at what’s happening in states like California and New York and voting to ensure that they don’t suffer the same fate.

Is there any wonder why the Democrats want to skip Iowa and go straight to the South Carolina primary?

FOX News report:

How did the state of the battlefield that used to be a battlefield in the heart of America turn crimson

Iowa has gone from purple to deep red.

Republican Governor Kim Reynolds of Iowa on Friday signed into law a controversial bill passed earlier this week by the GOP-dominated state legislature that sharply limits abortion.

The bill, which would outlaw most abortions after six weeks of pregnancy, is the latest example of Iowa Republicans flexing their muscles in a state that over the past dozen years has gone from a crucial election battleground to a bloody red, with the GOP in control. the governor’s office, both the legislative chambers of the statehouse and the entire Iowa congressional delegation.

Reynolds signed into law this year banning or significantly limiting gender transition care for minors, allowing families to use taxpayers’ money to pay for private schooling and relaxing child labor laws in states as the GOP works to transform states. that once swung into a bastion. conservatism…

More recently Democrats have competed in the states, controlling the governor’s office for a dozen consecutive years and one of the two seats in the US Senate for three decades in a row. But Democrats haven’t won a gubernatorial race since 2006 or a Senate contest since 2008.

And it’s not just Iowa.

Pst. Do not tell anyone. However, the states of Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Arkansas have all moved more conservatively in the last decade. Midwest Rebellion!!!

How did the state of the battlefield that used to be a battlefield in the heart of America turn crimsonhttps://t.co/qyAYWQ2lnj

— RedStateRebellion (@RedStateRBLN) July 15, 2023

Could this be the start of a national trend? Isn’t that great?

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