Rep. Katie Porter Plays Jeopardy By Hearing Witnesses To Expose Pentagon Waste

Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA) made her debut with a new brace at hearings on Thursday. He has his own version of Jeopardy where he questions witnesses about DOD waste and lack of financial accountability.


I’m a Jeopardy fan, so I think this is a pretty interesting way to share your thoughts on financial accountability at DOD pic.twitter.com/MbKQaRxMRb

— Acyn (@Acyn) July 13, 2023

Porter has witnesses choose from topics such as supporters, where the answer is “People are getting rich while pushing to spend more of our tax dollars.” The question is, “Who is the defense lobbyist.” Porter also showcased the ten year overbudget F-35 program and other classic elements of DOD waste.

Rep. Porter, who is also the leading 2024 California US Senate candidate, has been a tireless advocate for government fiscal accountability consistently tackling extravagance and special interests during her time in the House.

Porter and his hardworking staff consistently find new, plausible ways to explain how government works or doesn’t work for the people it’s supposed to serve.

Katie Porter along with other candidates declared in the California open race would make excellent senators.

Congress needs more serving people like Porter who are willing to ditch the DC jargon and explain things to people in a way they can understand.

The Pentagon is literally wasting a lot of taxpayer money and oversight is woefully inadequate.

Those funds could be better spent elsewhere, and Porter serves the American people well by mentioning this fact.

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