Rachel Maddow Delivers A Must-See Dose Of Optimism In The Fight For Democracy

Rachel Maddow reminds viewers that in the face of an authoritarian threat, resistance and resistance to democracy is contagious.

Maddow said in part:

Thinking about our own domestic challenges along these lines, running as we do, it’s hard to fight this basic question of whether we stick to the rule of law or move toward authoritarian rule, knowing that our likely presidential candidates next year will effectively set up the presidency as a referendum on the person or the law. Knowing that’s what’s hard for us to deal with in this country, looking at our current domestic challenges, looking at images from our own history, and from Israel this weekend.

It’s days like these that need to be remembered that it’s not just authoritarian rights that are on the rise as a global trend. Resistance to authoritarianism can also become a global trend. It is a global trend. Resistance matters too… Resilience is important. Resistance to the trend of this item as well. It’s also contagious. And ventured. Thank you Lord.


The American People Have Seen This Resistance And Resilience

When Roe was deposed, the American people opposed the theft of their rights. Americans are rallying during the 2022 midterm elections to ensure that the far right does not gain unlimited power to steal freedom from our fellow citizens.

Two years earlier, the American people united to turn around and reject Donald Trump’s authoritarianism in favor of Joe Biden.

In special election after special, when a hard-right MAGAist ran against American freedom, voters refused. In Wisconsin, voters said no to Trump election deniers and overturned the state Supreme Court.

All authoritarians need people to ignore, surrender, not fight back.

Autocratic power struggles fail when people come together to say no. The United States is under threat from right-wing authoritarian movements that destroy democracy, but be careful because while the American people stand firm for democracy, recent history has proven that the authoritarians lose.

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