President Biden Cleverly Uses Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Vogue in Ads

So you don’t fear that nothing good ever comes from Marjorie Taylor Greene public speaking, the President’s team saw an opportunity and seized it.

The president says in this video: “I agree with this message.” Advertisement:

I agree with this message. pic.twitter.com/f1q5giNM8j

— Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) July 18, 2023

President Biden’s ad quotes Rep. Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene said, “The largest public investment in social infrastructure and environmental programs that actually accomplishes what FDR started that LBJ and Joe Biden expanded to try to accomplish. Programs to address education, medical care, urban issues, rural issues, transportation, Medicare, Medicaid, unions, and he’s still working on them.”

In one of her many misguided rants, Ms. Greene seems to be rambling on about President Biden’s list of alleged missteps above, accusing him of making public investments in social infrastructure that finish what FDR started.

No one has told Ms. Greene that the 32nd President of the US, Franklin D. Roosevelt, was rated as one of the greatest presidents because he maintained the public’s trust during the horrors of the Great Depression and World War II. In other words, he’s dealing with the economy and war, which are two of the biggest challenges a leader can face (unless the leader is, say, more interested in selling cheap Made-in-China goods, crying cash rushes, and cheating to win elections).

The Republican representative may be forgiven as he may not have been informed about World War II and how it started, an incompleteness in his knowledge which might explain why he also later in this speech (rather than in the advertisement) rant against “vain foreign wars”. Ms. Greene is one of the Republicans who might be able to, as they say in Georgia, take advantage of the Munich Agreement.

FDR also signed the Social Security Act into law on August 14, 1935. Social Security was very popular with the People.

The President, continued the Republic of Georgia, pushing for programs to handle education!

As I feel has been proven in this post alone, education can go a long way toward achieving excellence in one’s pursuits.

But to be fair, some people in power seem keenly interested in making Americans as stupid and uneducated as possible, so America can be the last straw. Long after Russia. Indeed, few work so hard to keep America as internationally competitive as Trump’s undignified sycophants.

Miss Greene has a habit of clinging to conspiracy theories with all her might, never being distracted by the need to seek reality or truth. On the rare occasion he is held accountable for the most egregious lies he has told, he blames the world for not telling him he was wrong. How did he know? he wondered. Of course. How would he know.

Ms. Greene further accused President Biden of working programs to address medical care, urban issues, and rural issues.

If you are wondering whether Georgians need help with medical treatment, an urban problem or a rural problem, the answer is no thank you! They have everything they need. Never mind that the state government receives aid from the federal government for so-called “programs” that Ms. Greene.

The state gets that money for Medicaid, education, and more. You know, medical care and transportation. Malicious program. Some, like Ms. Greene, called this “socialism” in an attempt to scare people into wanting a social safety net for themselves.

The Georgia Republican Party is nothing but a mockery of President Joe Biden’s work, but that’s to be expected. you know, Ms. Greene doesn’t really understand what he himself is being paid for, so it’s natural for him to see someone like President Biden doing real work and wonder what’s wrong with him.

If President Biden does do as Greene asks and stop funding these programs for his state, all we can ask is: “Please, Mr. President, tell ‘they sent Marge ya’.”

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