Port of Odessa Heavily Bombarded by Drones and Missiles in Worst Offensive of War – Russia Destroys Ukrainian Infrastructure in Black Sea | Gatekeeper

Failure of the grain deal (damaging bridges) will result in huge financial losses for Ukraine. And the strikes in the Black Sea ports are connected with it.

It was the most powerful attack on the city since the start of Russia’s Special Military Operation in Ukraine.

From what can be gathered from Ukrainian sources, the Russian combined arms strike included some 32 Iranian ‘Geranium’ UAVs, 16 Caliber Missiles, 8 X-22s, 6 hypersonic Onyx missiles and one X-59 flying across the Ukrainian skies.

VIDEO: watch the crazy footage of the missile attack on Odessa.

The targets were the infrastructure of the port of Odessa and the region, the industrial area adjacent to it, a military airfield and an oil depot at the railway station.

“The Mayor of Odessa, Gennady Trukhanov, announced the biggest attack on the city since the start of the Russian Federation special military operation in Ukraine

“One of the worst nights… We don’t remember the scale of this attack since the start of the full scale invasion,” he said.

Russian Ministry of Defense:

“Tonight the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation carried out group attacks with sea and air-based precision weapons against military-industrial facilities, fuel infrastructure and ammunition depots of the Ukrainian military in the vicinity of Odessa, as well as against the Kanatovo air base of the Ukrainian Air Force in the Kirovograd region.”

Comment by Gleg Basov at Slavyangrad:

“Regarding the attacks in Odessa and elsewhere: It should be mentioned that these have not been ‘retaliatory attacks’.

All of these strikes—which were indeed massive—were premeditated. Nothing of this magnitude ever happens as a knee-jerk reaction to a terrorist act. As always, targets must be ascertained, verified, confirmed. The amount of planning that goes into this type of joint strike is not done in a day.”

Russia has long been plotting its way out of the ‘grain deal’ and how to do it.

“The destruction of the Ukrainian port was an inevitable consequence of Russia’s decision to abandon the ‘grain deal’. Instead of trying to police any ship with a crew stupid enough to try to dock in Ukraine, it is best to make it impossible for it to dock in Ukraine.

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