OpenAI rolled out special instructions for ChatGPT

Update: The custom instructions option is reportedly missing for some users. We’re investigating, but in the meantime don’t be surprised if the functionality isn’t available to you at this time.

OpenAI recently released special instructions for ChatGPT users, so they don’t have to write the same command prompt to the chatbot every time they interact with it — inputs such as “Write answer under 1,000 words” or “Keep a formal response tone”.

Company said this feature lets you “share anything ChatGPT wants to consider in response”. For example, a teacher could say they’re teaching fourth grade math or a developer could specify their preferred coding language when asked for advice. A person can also determine the size of his family, so ChatGPT can provide feedback on suitable meal, grocery and vacation plans.

While the user can already define these things when chatting with the bot, specific instructions are helpful if the user needs to set the same context frequently.

Hints also works with plug-ins, making it even easier to suggest restaurants or flights based on your location.

OpenAI notes that the feature is available for Plus plan users, but will not be available for EU and UK-based folks. This is a beta feature for now.

Users can try this feature on the web by clicking on its name and going to Settings > Beta features > Opt in Custom instructions. On iOS, users can access it via Settings > New Features > Turn on Custom Hints.

Specifically, OpenAI says that the information provided to the customizing response will be used to train its API model to adapt to different instructions.

“Information from using your custom instructions will also be used to improve model performance — such as teaching a model how to adapt its response to your instructions without overdoing it,” the company says. However, users can opt out of this setting through their data control settings.

OpenAI has been testing this feature with a few users for a while, as a consultant Gavriel Cohen noted on Twitter. ChatGPT provides users with two boxes to define their chat preferences where users can write about themselves and about how they want to customize the chatbot’s response.

After the user enters their feedback, the changes will be applied from the next session. The company says the response limit is 1,500 characters.

OpenAI says the company uses its moderation API to scan customized instructions to check if they are unsafe in any way. ChatGPT may refuse to save instructions or ignore them if the resulting response violates company policy. This is to ensure users are not typing instructions that lead to malicious or hateful answers from ChatGPT.

In May, OpenAI launched its ChatGPT app for iOS for US-based users only. However, a few weeks after the announcement, the company expanded its availability to more than 40 countries. Last month, the startup launched an iPad app with support for Siri and Shortcuts. The company has also added an option for users to search the web for answers via Bing from the ChatGPT app.

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