Military Spouse Submits Petition To Tommy Tuberville Calling It Unpatriotic

The military pair sent a petition to Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) demanding that he end his blockade of military promotions.

Via AL.com“An organization that advocates for military families on Monday presented a petition signed by more than 500 active-duty military spouses to Senator Tommy Tuberville.”

Application letter of the nonpartisan Safe Families Initiative reads in part:

Let’s be clear: Senator Tuberville is playing politics with our military. Senator Tuberville disagrees with the Department of Defense’s compDefense package for active service members and their families. As military families know all too well, service members and dependents don’t choose where they live.

This is why the Department of Defense guarantees a health care plan that provides paid time off and reimburses travel for comprehensive health services that members or dependents of service cannot access at certain stations of duty. if a Senator disagrees with a DoD health care policy, they must resolve it through the normal legislative or administrative channels. It is completely inappropriate and unpatriotic to wage a political battle by using members of the military service as pawns.

Senator Tuberville now has a military family after him. The reality is Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell could end this situation in less than an hour if he wanted to. Until McConnell stepped in, and the reason why he didn’t is that the only other option to complete promotion around the Tuberville blockade was a basic, tedious process that would have wrecked the Senate calendar and, at the very least, delayed more Biden judicial nominees from being confirmed.

The military couple was right. This is not a Democrat or Republican issue. It is a matter of keeping our promises to those who risk their lives and serve.

Tuberville can have his say on abortion elsewhere, military families should be outlawed.

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