Michigan Republicans Could Soon Face Felony Charges For Stealing The Voting Machine

The door has been opened to a group of Michigan Republicans supporting Trump, some of them elected officials to face felony charges for stealing the ballot tabulator.

The Detroit News reports:

Laying the groundwork for potential criminal charges in the high-profile case, Oakland County Court Judge Phyllis McMillen ruled Wednesday that it is illegal for an individual to possess a voting tabulator without permission from the Secretary of State or a court order.

McMillen issued a 13-page ruling on Wednesday, establishing that Michigan laws against “undue possession” of tabulators are not limited to elections that are in progress or to the period before results are counted. Under state law, improper possession of tabulators is a crime.

Trump’s Republicans convinced officials in three Michigan counties to hand over tabulators, which they took back to rental properties and hotels to access the data. Trump supporters steal tabulators as they seek evidence of election fraud.

They found no fraud, but the ruling from the judge was that anyone who engaged in such behavior if found guilty had committed a crime.

Republicans in Michigan could soon be convicted criminals because they listened to Donald Trump and believed his big lie about the stolen election.

A Michigan prosecutor said Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, asked supporters in Michigan to seize voting machines.

Whichever Michigan MAGA is charged may be the tip of the 2020 plot iceberg, as accountability looks set to come for Trump’s coup plotters.

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