Matt Gaetz Is Being Investigated For Sexual Misconduct And Drug Use

The House Ethics Committee is gathering witnesses and investigating Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) for potential sexual misconduct.

Zero2Billions reports:

Investigators from the House Ethics Committee have begun reaching out to witnesses as part of the recently revived investigation into Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida, who focused on allegations that he may have been involved in sexual misconduct, drug use or other misconduct.

At least one witness in Florida told Zero2Billions they had spoken to investigators about the Republican congressman in recent weeks about alleged lobbying violations, and a source familiar with the Ethics Committee investigation said other witnesses had also been contacted.


Now chaired by Republican Rep. Mississippi’s Michael Guest, the panel quietly restarted its investigation earlier this year without publicly outlining its targets again. The decision to begin reaching out to witnesses, was made by Guest and Democratic ranking member, Rep. Susan Wild, of Pennsylvania, is the first formal step the committee has taken since the ethics investigation resumed.

The Ethics Committee is the only committee in the DPR that is non-partisan in design. The committee is split equally with five Republicans and five Democrats. The seats are from the majority party and the representatives are from the minority, but all the votes that come out of the committee are bipartisan because of its even composition.

Matt Gaetz may be skating with the DOJ over witness credibility issues, but he may not be as lucky with the Ethics Committee. The limitation is that the Ethics Committee directs members to the full House of Representatives to act. With Kevin McCarthy’s job at stake every second of every day, it is unlikely that he will take action against Gaetz.

Any public reports of Rep. Gaetz will be revealing and potentially politically damaging.

The Matt Gaetz scandal hasn’t gone away. It has changed places.

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