Maria Bartiromo Accidentally Exposes Jim Jordan’s Biden Impeachment Fraud

Fox’s Maria Bartiromo pressed Jim Jordan to impeach Biden, and Jordan’s response was an evasive one that made it clear Republicans would not be pursuing impeachment.

Bartiromo asked Jordan about impeachment and then what Republicans would do about Biden.

Jordan replied, “Well, we might — that’s probably the question too. Maybe not so much about the attorney general, though I think there’s some important stuff in there, it could be more about the president himself. Again, that’s why Chief Comer will continue his investigation. He wants to get Hunter Biden’s business partner, Devon Archer, for a deposition, listing everything. He’s been trying to work it out. It has been rescheduled several times. Hopefully, that happens soon and then we’ll see where we go from there.”

Bartiromo specifically asked Jordan about impeachment, and he responded, speaking of Merrick Garland’s impending testimony. “Well, he is scheduled, he is scheduled to come before the Judicial Commission on an annual basis, every year the Attorney General comes before the Judicial Commission in September. It’s scheduled. As we get closer, there will be a lot of questions on this particular subject for the attorney general when he is in front of us in two months.


Jim Jordan was completely evasive when Maria Bartiromo pushed him to impeach Biden, “Yeah, we might — that’s probably the question too. This might not be about the attorney general, although I think there’s important stuff in there, it could be a lot more about the president himself.” pic.twitter.com/XcpQEgIINC

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) July 23, 2023

Less than a month ago on the same program, Jim Jordan claimed that impeachment was in the works for Biden. Now, he wouldn’t even say a word in his response.

In fact, Jordan’s investigation of Biden has failed. The House Chief Justice has neither the evidence nor the votes to impeach President Biden or Attorney General Garland.

Jordan could give impeachment pleasantries to keep the base happy, but his non-answer to Bartiromo made it clear that House Republicans might try to impeach Biden, but even they know that’s not going to work.

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