Lev Parnas Just Crushed the Biden GOP Bribery Allegation

Lev Parnas sheds light on what really happened in Ukraine when he refuted Republican Biden’s bribery allegations.

Parnas told MSNBC’s Ali Velshi, “What really happened is that Victor Shokin was such a corrupt prosecutor that the entire Obama administration, not Joe Biden, but the Obama administration, the IMF and all the Western countries wanted out of Ukraine because he was corrupt. The funny part was that it wasn’t that he was conducting an investigation, quite the opposite. That’s because he did not investigate the corrupt activities that occurred. The funny part of this letter is also, you know, if a bribe was paid to Joe Biden. – where is the wire transfer? Where do the tapes take you talking about? I think this is just doing the American public and our democracy a disservice, what are they doing.”


Lev Parnas told @AliVelshi what’s really going on in Ukraine and said of the Biden bribery allegation, “Where’s the wire transfer? Where’s the tape you’re talking about? I think it’s just doing the American public and our democracy a disservice.” pic.twitter.com/Arfc1okj86

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) July 22, 2023

Parnas says that this is more of the same old rights-driven thing with no evidence behind it.

Lev Parnas works for Rudy Giuliani. He is in Ukraine. He knows what really happened. House Oversight Committee rating member Jamie Raskin (D-MD) quotes from Parnas’ letter during an IRS whistleblower committee hearing.

It said House Republicans had direct witnesses to what happened in Ukraine, but would not invite them to testify. Parnas will not be given the same stage as those who are fake whistleblowers paid by allies of Donald Trump, because Republicans are not interested in facts.

The truth about what Trump and Giuliani are trying to do in Ukraine has been known for years. That’s why Trump was impeached the first time. Republicans hope the results will differ by one fifth, fifty, or five hundred times they push this misinformation.

Facts never change, which is why the Biden bribery conspiracy is not going anywhere.

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