Larry Kudlow in Hollywood Strike “Who Cares?” | Gateway Experts | by Margaret Flavin

On Friday, Larry Kudlow spoke for millions during his opening remarks with his take on the Hollywood strike….who cares?

Hollywood is going on strike. My first reaction was: Who cares? America will be better off for it. Ninety-five percent of their product is bad – a lot of left-wing bullshit. They hate America. They really woke up. They are one of the biggest proponents of the COVID shutdown and want to keep America closed… well past the threat of the virus.

Let me quote a hard-hitting article written by Breitbart’s John Nolte: “Why should I bemoan the shutdown of a multi-billion dollar industry dedicated to hating me, raising children, destroying my heroes, lying about my country, fighting fascism and taking pride in wasting everyone’s precious time on a product that rarely becomes mediocre?”


Interestingly, while the entire Hollywood audience loves Joe Biden, The strikers blamed Bidenflation for their strike. Ha ha ha. I find that very funny. Now Disney CEO Bob Iger thinks writers’ requests for money are out of date. It’s good to know that push comes for pushing, Mr. Iger behaves like a true capitalist, despite his highly guarded corporate tendencies.

Dig into Hollywood CEO-producers deep enough and you’ll always find a bit of class war capitalist. Like the Golden Age, huh? Ha ha ha. Just having fun here, but no doubt the actors’ compensation is as far from reality as anyone could think of. Most of them are horrible and their movies are just as bad and they get paid huge sums of money.

Now capitalist producers, of course, are very worried about their writers and actors because some of this summer’s blockbusters won’t be released, or if they do, they won’t promote well because the actors are on strike.


Finally, a flashy actor and writer who complains about Bidenflation could actually win me over, I mean, I would totally watch more of their previous bad movies, if they had a good six or eight part series that strikes it all. Bidenomics – all spending, loans, taxes, regulation and inflating. Just one well-acted, multi-part series denouncing bottomless Pinnochio Biden and his crew of economic wreckers because the only plus in this story of the Hollywood strike to me is that they blame Biden’s inflation.

So, Hollywood, you’re right. Now is the time for you to complete your analysis and join the rest of America, who are increasingly attacking Biden. That’s my riff.

Watch the full segment below.

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