Kirby in Biden Bowed and Muttered incoherently to the Israeli President, “He’s Very, Very Obvious!” (VIDEO) | Gatekeeper

Top Biden spox John Kirby told Fox News host Martha MacCallum that Joe Biden spoke “very, very clearly” as he lowered his head and mumbled to Israeli President Isaac Herzog.

Biden held a bilateral meeting with Israeli President Isaac Herzog in the Oval Office on Tuesday.

It was the first time Biden was seen in public days after he returned from Europe and he was in very bad shape.

80-year-old Joe Biden slouches and mumbles incoherently during the meeting.

“And we bring Israelis and Palestinians together at the political level and they uh – uh – and they uh – and uh [unintelligible]said Biden.

Martha MacCallum played a clip of Biden mumbling incoherently and asking Kirby, “Why is it so hard to understand what the president is trying to say there?”

Without hesitation Kirby replied, “I think he’s very, very clear, Martha!”


John Kirby on Biden mumbling incoherently while trying to talk to Israel’s president: “He was very, very clear” pic.twitter.com/mFS92Iv19q

— Tom Elliott (@tomselliott) July 20, 2023

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