Kevin McCarthy Was Exhausted When His Hunter Biden Investigation Failed

While talking to reporters, Kevin McCarthy had a conspiracy breakdown and attacked Republican prosecutors who rejected the basis of the House’s GOP claims of government arsenal.

McCarthy’s Videos:

McCarthy suggested that Weiss, a US attorney appointed by Trump, was not credible because he only wrote letters to Congress instead of appearing in person to testify. pic.twitter.com/h34nJK7Ol1

— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) July 11, 2023

McCarthy responded to a letter from US Attorney Weiss disputing House GOP ‘whistleblower’ claims by saying, “Weiss wrote a letter that raised even more questions. You have six people in a room. Some said something different that didn’t have a philosophical bent one way or another, concerned about equal justice before the Committee on Ways and Means, and it’s interesting now. That wasn’t just said at the meeting. They took note and sent it back. Very questionable when he says he can’t be a special prosecutor so he can ask that question back because the individual knows how important it is.

McCarthy also claimed that Weiss had to testify about an ongoing investigation, which was untrue because it was a crime for Congress to interfere in an ongoing criminal investigation.

House Republicans intend to use the House majority to smear President Biden before the 2024 election to help Trump. It’s a move straight out of the 2016 playbook. Prior to the 2016 election, House Republicans used their power to craft stories around Hillary Clinton and Benghazi.

The problem for Republicans in 2024 is that McCarthy, Jim Jordan, and James Comer are grossly incompetent at executing their plans.

McCarthy resorted to full conspiracy theories as Weiss’ letter dealt a crushing blow to the Republican Party’s plans. The Hunter Biden conspiracy is falling apart, and the Speaker of the House is pivoting to save him.

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