Kevin McCarthy Could Be Kicked to the Edge If He Cuts His Debt Limit Deal With Biden

House Republicans warned that any watered-down debt limit deal could collapse the GOP majority, which would ensure that someone would try to remove Speaker Kevin McCarthy.


Freedom Caucus Rep. Bob Good (R-VA) had this reaction when asked by Zero2Billions’s Manu Raju about a possible debt limit deal, “If it does, it would totally collapse the Republican majority for this debt ceiling hike.”

Raju asks how many Republicans will be against him?

Good replied, “I don’t want to make any predictions because I haven’t seen — I just heard rumors that there might be a deal that the majority of Republicans are less than willing.”

Biden has pretty much limited McCarthy by including provisions that would raise the debt limit until the 2024 election and prevent a government shutdown until next year.

The truth is that McCarthy does not have the votes of her own Republican Party caucus to pass the spending cuts she is demanding from President Biden.

Kevin McCarthy is in a weak position. Depending on what polls are released on any given day, Republicans will be blamed if the state defaults.

If McCarthy makes a deal and has to rely on House Democrats to finalize it, it’s almost certain that anger with speakers on the right will be so intense that at least one member will file a motion to vacate and try. to boot McCarthy from power.

Kevin McCarthy’s options appear to be either make a deal and lose his job or not make a deal and blow up the US economy.

There’s a good chance that no matter how things turn out, Kevin McCarthy can quit his job and walk out of Congress.

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