Kevin McCarthy Claims The American People Are Tired Of Trump Being Impeached

Speaker Kevin McCarthy tried to sell the idea that Trump’s 1/6th indictment was a Biden political operative, then claimed the American people were tired of it.

Chad Pergram of Fox News tweeted:

2) McCarthy: So what do they do now? An armed government to go after their number one opponent? It’s time and time again. I think the American public is tired of this.

— Chad Pergram (@ChadPergram) July 18, 2023

Speaker McCarthy knew that what he was suggesting was complete nonsense. Trump has not been indicted, and the Speaker of the House criticized the indictments he has not seen. McCarthy’s comments were an irresponsible abuse of power but that’s what political observers expect of him.

McCarthy has few options. He has aligned himself and his political future with Donald Trump. He was immediately criticized in Trump lands when he allowed that he thought that Trump might not be the best person for the job as the Republican nominee in 2024.

The idea that the American people are tired of seeing Trump held accountable for his alleged crimes is absurd.

Most Americans have been waiting for Trump to be held accountable for trying to stage a coup and overturn the losing 2020 presidential election since the former president left office.

The criticism is that the Justice Department is not moving fast enough to prosecute Donald Trump and his co-conspirators.

Even with the low standards he has set for himself, Kevin McCarthy seems incapable of standing up for Trump.

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