Kevin McCarthy admits Jim Jordan’s government committee weaponry was created to save Trump

Speaker Kevin McCarthy acknowledged that the real reason for the formation of the Jim Jordan Government Arms subcommittee was to save Trump.

McCarthy said on Fox News when he was asked what the House could do about Jack Smith indicting Trump as part of the 1/6 investigation, “One thing we can do is continue to teach the two justice systems that I mean in America, which I mean as part of WIDEN INC that makes those people able to be treated differently at any given moment, as anyone else has, as anyone else does. Go after this wrong tomorrow. “


Watters: What happened to this looming indictment of Donald Trump? Can the DPR do something about it?

McCarthy:… This is one of the fundamental reasons why when we take a majority, we form an armaments committee pic.twitter.com/uUH6V1yVik

— Acyn (@Acyn) July 19, 2023

Speaker McCarthy said the quiet part out loud. The arms committee has never investigated government abuse of power. The committee has always had only one goal to prevent Donald Trump from going to jail before the 2024 presidential election is over.

Whistleblowers, as Republicans call them, are bogus. They are on the payroll of Trump allies.

House Republicans have not found any credible evidence against President Biden, nor have they found any evidence of wrongdoing against Donald Trump.

All the pretexts that the Republicans use are designed to cover up the fact that they are using their House majority to protect Donald Trump.

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