JD Vance: Media Uses War in Ukraine as ‘Shine Object’ to Divert Our Attention from Leadership Failures in Washington (VIDEO) | Gateway Experts | by Mike LaChance

Ohio Republican Senator JD Vance spoke at the Turning Point USA conference over the weekend and lambasted the media for using the war in Ukraine to distract the American people from the failings of our leaders in Washington.

He points out that the average life expectancy of middle-class Americans is now lower than that of their Western European counterparts. He also spoke of work that has been sent to China and elsewhere.

He was right about the media. Turn on the news on any given night and you’ll hear all about the war in Ukraine.

Breitbart News have details:

JD Vance: Ukraine Distraction from Failed American Leadership

Senator JD Vance (R-OH) described the current conflict in Ukraine as a media distraction from the failure of American leadership.

Vance made his remarks Sunday while speaking at the Turning Point Action conference. He spoke about the many problems Americans face and how leadership doesn’t seem to prioritize them.

“Do you know what the life expectancy of middle class people in America is compared to middle class people in Western Europe today? 12 years lower. We have the best healthcare system in the world, at least then, and now we have people living 12 years longer in any country than the United States. Why don’t we focus on that? he asked…

“Why don’t we focus on our leadership failures that got us here? Why don’t we focus on an open southern border that allows cartels to kill our people? Why don’t we focus on the fact that we ship our production to China?” he added.

Watch the video below:

Ukraine is a gleaming object that distracts from generations of bipartisan failures. pic.twitter.com/tSNC37lVy0

— JD Vance (@JDVance1) July 16, 2023

People across the country watched the price of everything rise as our cities collapsed into a crime-filled hell and all everyone in Washington wanted to talk about was sending money and weapons to Ukraine.

Vance really hits the spot here.

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