Jamie Raskin Crushes James Comer And Jim Jordan At The IRS Whistleblower Hearing

The IRS joint reporters’ James Comer/Jim Jordan trial was swiftly defeated by Jamie Raskin, who provided evidence that undermined Biden’s entire GOP conspiracy.

Raskin Video:

Jamie Raskin crushed Jordan and Comer with Lev Parnas’ letter, “There was never any evidence that Hunter or Joe Biden committed any crimes related to Ukrainian politics. Never during my communications. With Ukrainian officials or connections to Burisma.” pic.twitter.com/dbmzjqaqtb

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PolitikusSarah) July 19, 2023

Raskin said in its opening statement:

We may conclude that Clouseau’s inspector-style search for something non-existent has turned our committee into a theater of absurdity and rehearsal and futility and shame. And now we can finally say for sure why the organizers’ efforts have been exhausted time and time again.

Just yesterday, Mr Chairman, you and I got a letter from Lev Parnas, the Ukrainian-born American businessman who was on Rudy Giuliani’s side as his right-hand man for the one year between November 2018 and October 2019 when Giuliani and later President Trump tried to smear Joe Biden before the 2020 election with the same accusations still running through the cycle of political loops every week on this committee.

I asked for unanimous approval to include Parnas’ letter on record. With no objections to order now in this extraordinary 10-page letter, the partners painstakingly explain the campaign designed by Giuliani and Trump to quote, unearth Biden misinformation and spread misinformation about them through various networks, including government officials, journalists, and Fox News personnel. During these months of work, campaigning and extensive networking by Trump allies and Giuliani Associates, including very thorough interviews and assignments which I cited there was never any evidence that Hunter or Joe Biden committed any crimes related to Ukrainian politics. Never during my communications with Ukrainian officials or connections to Burisma.

Have any of them confirmed or provided concrete facts linking Biden to illegal activity? As Parnas concluded, there was never any factual evidence only conspiracy theories spread by people who knew exactly what they were doing. And then he summoned this committee to end the wild goose chase and offered to come and testify. Remember this is Mr Giuliani’s man. This is his translator and right-hand man who spent a year there trying to cook a book against Joe Biden, and he offers to come testify. Let’s take him as a witness, and let’s hear about the crusade. That they will tarnish President Biden by promoting the same baseless conspiracy theories these committees present as moldy leftovers every day.

The Republican Party Is Gripping a Baseless Conspiracy

Speaker McCarthy acknowledged Tuesday that the real purpose of the Jim Jordan Government’s Arms subcommittee was to help Donald Trump. McCarthy made this admission when asked on Fox News what House Republicans could do to stop Jack Smith.

The point of the IRS bogus hearings is to smear President Biden and his family. In his opening remarks, House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer made many accusations, but he offered no evidence that the President had done anything wrong, and that is a problem Republicans continue to struggle with.

The GOP threw conspiracy theories against the wall, but none stood up, because they had no evidence of factual wrongdoing. Members of the Raskin Oversight Committee upset the GOP conspiracy apple cart by offering actual witness evidence disproving the premises on which the trial was based.

Democrats are experienced in House oversight and hearings, and members like Rep. Raskin keeps circling around poor Comer and Jordan.

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