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Guest Author: Zachary Rehl, defendant J6

You’ve heard it a lot about “right-wing” news: shadowy bans and censorship.

It is a constant battle conservatives face when trying to raise awareness of our causes, or even share information we think the world deserves to know. This is a problem @ElonMusk, after completing its purchase of Twitter, has vowed to end it by making Twitter a sort of “Town Square” for debate. But debate for whom?

Is it only open to those on the left? Or open to those on the right, as long as they play by the left? Whereas anyone who disagrees gets removed from the platform altogether? Or this is where shadow prohibition comes into play, or what Mr. Musk as “reach?” When he was famous stated, You can have “freedom of speech, but not freedom of reach.”

For those who are not aware, whenever you make a post on Twitter, it is seen by random people. Those random numbers are generated by computer software, usually referred to as an algorithm, however, computer software operated by Twitter. There are certain things you can do to get more people to see your posts, such as conversing with the people in the posts or getting people to share your posts.

So what does it mean when you’re shadow barred, or you lose your “freedom of reach”? This means that the number of random people that computer software generates to display your posts decreases drastically, making it even more difficult to spread the news or information you want to share.

We’ve seen it a lot with regards to the 2020 election, Covid, and even January 6th. One group has been dealing with this censorship far longer than most people know while trying to raise awareness about all of those issues, and then some.

Insert the Proud Boys, arguably the biggest victim of internet censorship and shadowy bans since the group’s formation, the year President Donald Trump was elected in 2016.

For years, the left has used the Proud Boys, a diverse, multiracial, and multicultural organization of brotherhoods as their Bogeyman, blaming them for every injustice, anything they dislike and calling them every name in the books. While depriving them of their ability to defend themselves against slander by banning or shadowing them on all internet platforms. Left end their censorship schemes by usually forcing the company’s hand through threats of boycotts, or some other means. Regardless, the only story you see about the Proud Boys is negative, and that is design from the left.

Fast forward to January 6, 2021, which at the time seemed to be the culmination of a turbulent past year in the US when it came to politics. While many agree that sometimes things get out of hand, few expect the world to still be talking about this event two and a half years later. The existing strength, the Democratic Party which controlled the Legislative and Executive branches at that time, had different thoughts.

Despite the pleas of the Americans, exhausted from all the political drama and hoping to begin the healing process, they opted to create an arrest spectacle and exaggerate multiple stories in the process.

One group, even before an arrest has been made or a trial has taken place, has been blamed, a leftist group has been despised for the last five years for political reasons, that group is the Proud Boys. You’ve seen many of the January 6th committee hearings that are completely biased. Unbeknownst to most people, the time of the trial coincided with all of Proud Boy’s important trial dates, up to and during the jury selection process!

The Democrats on the January 6 committee handily shut down the January 6 committee hearing, which they denounced in every throbbing media outlet, while our jury selection is under way. Wall-to-wall coverage of committee propaganda and lies puts courts in the awkward position of having to align faith in our justice system hoping the jury won’t read the news. As easy as that. Despite this, we are pushing ahead and preparing for trial, keeping faith in our justice system by hoping the jury “don’t read the news.” As easy as that. Nonetheless, we pressed ahead and prepared for the trial, still believing in our system of government, even though the cards were stacked against us.

After what was basically a closed trial that lasted almost half a year recently, somehow no one in the general public can tell you what happened during the trial. There was a five month long blackout on anything and everything to do with the Proud Boys. Why? What are Democrats for? considered the only reason behind January 6th, – why wasn’t the media excited to show the public all the “dirty deeds” allegedly committed by the Proud Boys leading up to the event? Why don’t they want to show the world how they botched The Proud Boys’ alleged plot and laugh at how they failed in their plan to keep President Trump in power?

The answer is simple. That’s because it’s all a lie. The blackout was to more easily influence public opinion to accept the verdict of questionable guilt, while also thwarting our appeal efforts by making it difficult for us to raise legal defense funds online, or to simply spread the word. All with what the left has successfully used against us over the years: shadow censorship and prohibition.

There’s a reason President Trump said “stand back and prepare,” it’s not because there was some kind of “devious plan,” or some kind of “cryptic order,” despite all the jokes online saying otherwise. The reason is, he just doesn’t want to play to the left game by attacking a group he knows is nothing more than a bunch of diverse guys who just love America. Just because the left says so, doesn’t make it so. Remember that.

Since the trial, the only thing you’ll hear from the media is about the Proud Boys’ “five-member conviction” for J6-related charges.

What you don’t hear, is clip from President Trump state that we didn’t get a fair trial and that he would consider giving us one full pardon should he win the Office of President again. It tells you everything you need to know. Anything and everything else deemed helpful or potentially defending our side of the story has been censored or shadow banned.

Any pages created on my behalf to raise funds for legal defense, as well as updates for followers of our Twitter account, @Keep it upZach, specifically banned shadow after ironically paying to verify an account, a move that should help increase reach, not reduce it. The page went unverified for months, but after verification revealed the page’s existence to Twitter staff, the page’s reach dropped dangerously low, essentially rendering the page useless.

Not a page has ever been posted that violates any Twitter rules, not even posting anything political, it’s shadow banned just for trying to help me. If Mumia Abu-Jamal, the man convicted of killing Philadelphia Police Officer Daniel Faulkner, is allowed to have a page dedicated to raising legal defense funds and amassing 27,000 followers, while pleading not guilty without fear of censorship or shadow bans, the Proud Boys and I should be able to too .

I call on all the patriots who believe in the First Amendment and all the patriots who believe that all Americans deserve a fair chance in our justice system to share our story with @ElonMusk and to #Free the Proud Boys by ending our shadow ban on Twitter, preventing us from telling our side of the story and preventing us from raising legal defense funds to help prove our innocence in court, as the left continues to enjoy!

More and more people are tagging @ElonMusk with this story, the more likely he is to see this problem and move to fix it! @ElonMusk is a great guy, he has seen some of the lies told about J/6, Help him see this one too so we can have a shot at fighting in court!

Please join the cause and visit www.defendzach.com to donate, or find out more information about the next process.

You can also follow on most social media platforms like Twitter and Social Truth by searching @Keep it upZach as well. Even sharing this article on your own page or to a friend’s page can make a difference, so please share widely or tag a mutual friend @ElonMusk when you do!

My name is Zach Rehl and I am one of five Proud Boys who were charged with seditious conspiracy and ultimately convicted. As a Marine Corps veteran, I have lost everything up to and including my military VA benefits to charges of sedition, all but the love of my wife and two beautiful daughters. I never held my youngest daughter because she was born after I was arrested. Currently, I am awaiting sentencing, so I will soon submit my convictions, hopefully with the love and support of God-loving Americans like you. I leave you with these relevant quotes from my favorite authors,

George RR Martin: “When you stick out a man’s tongue you are not proving him a liar, you are telling the world that you are afraid of what he might say.”

God bless you all and God bless America!

Please support Zachary Rehl Here.

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