J6 Political Prisoner Ryan Samsel Reveals What Ray Epps Whispered in His Ear When Bicycle Fences were Pushed Down at the US Capitol (AUDIO) | Gatekeeper

Ryan Samsel poses for a photo with protester J6 with a gun that has not been captured. Ryan says this is NOT Joe Biggs.

January 6 Prisoner Ryan Samsel called The Gateway Pundit last week. During our discussion, Ryan explained what Ray Epps had told him on January 6th.

Ray Epps was seen whispering into Samsel’s ear before the bicycle rack barricade was lowered.

According to Ryan Samsel, “I walked to the gate on my own decision. I didn’t feel any pressure from Joe Biggs, or from any of the Proud Boys. And that’s the gate that everybody sees in the video where you’re standing around and Ray Epps is right next to me, right? Likewise, when I climbed onto the fence, I pulled the fence toward me. It was then that Ray Epps said in my ear, he said, I have people waiting until more people come. Something along those lines. Ryan said Ray Epps then told him “We have to go to the building. So I pulled the bike rack…”

Ryan Samsel said he was willing to take a polygraph test to prove his innocence and that he was not playing the J6ers against each other.

Samsel said, “I want to take a polygraph test so I can clear my name just to prove it to the public, even though I can’t use it in court. That’s what he (Epps) said. So actually he counted so many videos that you see, because he screamed, one, two, three and we all pushed, about 40 of us! I have something to say to the public. I pushed the gate with many others. I saw the officer fall. I went and pulled him to safety as I didn’t want him to get trampled. I don’t want someone to hit him. My intention was not to hurt that woman. So I pulled him to safety, stood in front of him.”


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Hello my name is Ryan Samsel I am a defendant January 6, a modern political prisoner.

I was told that I must learn to change over time. I will follow my King son of GOD. I would not refer to a man as a woman or a woman as a man. I’m not going to let the rich in the high chairs they built for themselves convince me that it’s okay to kill God’s unborn child. I will definitely not sit idly by and let a tyrant take from my people my liberties and there God grants rights through bills that we inherited through our ancestors who were educated people who were willing to sign their death warrants called the declaration of independence. These great people set aside their own comforts and lives along with wealth so we could have a nation to call our own, a woman once asked Ben Franklin what have you given us? The response was a republic IF YOU CAN KEEP IT… many were summoned to January 6th, many suffered under the rule of the tyrant. There are no churches, no restaurants, bars or group gatherings. You see they try again and again to put fear in your heart and show you fake videos of corpses. Is covid real. Yes, some do die and my dad was one of them, but my dad smoked 2 packs of New Ports every day since he was a little boy.

January 6th was not an attempt to overthrow the government but was made by many people who yearned for freedom. If you ask me, we are there to remind those on the high chair, God is with us who are poor, broken, and lost. Just like when Jesus cleansed the temple of thieves and liars, today our country’s temple has the same problem but we have people trying to force these evil and evil ways on us,

I was there that day to stand up for the unborn, those who have no voice. I am one of them because my own mother wanted to abort me. The only thing is that he is 8 months old. If he wasn’t too drunk, he would pay attention to me. He had me and dropped me off at a Catholic orphanage called St. Vincent where they helped me through withdrawals. You see those unborn babies. I take it personally when I hear humans advocate abortion. I was there to tell them WE THE PEOPLE are here. I didn’t cause violence actually I was there saving people, fallen cops and a man shot in the face. I did NOT enter the building. Before today I was set to have a pre-cancerous growth removed from my chest almost 3 years ago.

I was given the opportunity by the FBI to lie about President Trump and others that day. I could have gone home and been called a hero. Otherwise, yes, the mainstream media will destroy you, I will be tortured by government agencies, I will be beaten after being tied up and suffer a fractured skull, broken nose, dislocated jaw, acute kidney damage, permanent loss of sight in right eye, loss of function of left arm due to blood clots in my arm, chest, neck and head.

I was put in a hard cell that kept the lights on, sometimes naked with no cloth, no bed, no sink, no running water with a bucket and just a bottle of water.

I had been strapped to a chair for hours until it finally caught fire and sat in my own trash. While at NNRJ Warsaw VA I was hit again this time stabbed and beaten until I lost consciousness then found by the nurse who had to do prison cpr lying and saying I was using drugs and fell off the bed. Camera footage will prove otherwise along with hospital records. I came back from the hospital and was recommended by the hospital that I needed follow-up treatment.

Again I was given the choice to help the fbi lie or this time or we will charge your wife more fees. Because all this happened, I couldn’t go home and spend my last days with my dad and went to his funeral.

I rejected this offer as if it were one from Satan himself.

Shortly thereafter I was transferred to Lewisburg PA with members of MS 13. I was supposed to receive medical attention while there, but Lieutenant Ordonez, a bad guy, would make sure I was put in the hole. None of the treatment I needed would be done, so stressed out that I developed shingles all over my body. I had a fever and couldn’t eat because of the sores in my mouth, and refused all medication and outside care. The only thing left is my faith in GOD I never give up and still keep fighting for my life. I’m asking for your help, please help my story get out to the public. I am now being held in Brooklyn. I have a lawyer I haven’t spoken to in 5 months. In order for me to fight back, I need to raise money for private investigators and civil attorneys. Please help me with any donation to GSG below and spread this story if you want to reach me by mail you can join the patriot letter project. Also on the GSG, attached is my judge’s address for a letter of support for medical acquittal.

I thank you for your much needed help

GSG: https://www.givesendgo.com/January6OffensiveFund

Love, Respect, Honor
(Inmate #28332509)

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