INSANE VID: Husband of Second Place Beauty Contest Winner Rushes The Stage, Snatching The Crown From The Winner — Crushing It | Gatekeeper

The husband of the second place winner of the Brazilian beauty pageant rushed onto the stage, stole the crown, and smashed it to pieces on Saturday.

Nathally Becker was the runner-up to Emannuelly Belini from Várzea Grande at Miss Gay Mato Grosso 2023 Brazil.

As the winner was crowned, Becker’s husband jumped onto the stage.

TMZ report, “the husband took the crown just as it was placed on Belini’s head and slammed it on the floor! As people were so shocked, he threw them again before trying to leave with his wife – eventually being stopped by security.

The shining rhinestone crown shattered into pieces.

“The event issued a statement following the painful loser incident — reaffirming that Belini was indeed considered the winner of this year’s event, while also condemning the actions of Becker’s husband… claiming the organization side will take appropriate legal action following the ordeal,” the report continues.

Malone Haenisch, the event organizer, also issued a statement, according to a report from the New York Post.

“He didn’t think the outcome was fair and caused all this inconvenience and damage,” said Haenisch.

“We strongly condemn the incident that occurred during the coronation of the Miss-elect,” continued the event planner, “when Miss Cuiabá’s partner, who was classified in second place, stormed the stage and aggressively destroyed the crown.”


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