Identity of CIA Agent Who Checked Lee Harvey Oswald’s Mail Months Prior to JFK Assassination Revealed, Previously Reported UFO Sighting, and Surprisingly Dies On 30th Anniversary of JFK’s Assassination | Gatekeeper

As The Gateway Pundit previously reported, on June 27 the Biden administration released more than 1,000 documents relating to the JFK assassination pursuant to President John F. Kennedy’s Assassination Record Collection Act.

The New York Times in an exclusive report can find gems in newly released documents and find the name of the CIA agent who examined Lee Harvey Oswald’s mail just months before the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

The new one edited memo reveals Reuben Efron was a CIA agent who intercepted letters sent to Lee Harvey Oswald from his mother.

Not much is known about Efron except that he was born in Lithuania and then arrived in the US via Cuba in 1939.

He then served in World War II as a translator because he spoke German, Hebrew, Yiddish, Russian, and Lithuanian.

Take a look at the unedited memo document under:

Previously Efron’s name was edited:

For the most part, Efron was essentially absent from the web, but the New York Times did note that he was unclassified CIA documents which reveals Efron saw a UFO in 1955 while traveling in the Soviet Union with Democratic Senator Richard Russell of Georgia.

According to New York Time:

Whether any of the documents withheld will shed more light on Reuben Efron is unknown. His name on the letter wiretapping memo made Mr. Morley was curious. The memo was sent to Betty Egerter in a CIA unit known as the “spying office of spies.” On the day of the murder, Egerter’s boss told the FBI that the CIA had no information on Oswald, who had actually been under surveillance when he moved to the Soviet Union. A document released long ago indicates that the agency opened Oswald’s correspondence from November 11, 1959 to May 1, 1960, and again from July 1, 1961 to May 25, 1962.

Efron was born in Lithuania in 1911 as Ruvelis Efronas and arrived in the United States via Cuba in 1939, according to immigration papers that described him as a 5-foot-3, 135-pound “trader-trader.” In addition to English, he spoke Russian, Lithuanian, Hebrew, Yiddish, and German, and served in the Air Force during World War II as an interpreter.

His obituary said that after the war he was a “Soviet Union specialist and foreign affairs consultant” without specifying for whom. In a harmonious convergence of conspiracies, Efron reported seeing a UFO in 1955. He was traveling with Senator Richard Russell, a Democrat from Georgia, and an Army colonel on a train journey through the Soviet Union when the three sighted what the CIA report called two “flying saucers.” Skeptics then suggested they were Soviet planes. Russell was among the Warren Commission members in the room for the Marina Oswald interview that Efron attended in 1964. Coincidentally, Efron died on November 22, 1993—the 30th anniversary of Kennedy’s assassination.

Here is one of the letters Efron intercepted from Marguerite Oswald:

CIA report about the letter:

Surprisingly, Efron died on November 22, 1993, which happened to be the 30th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s death.

You can read unclassified documents Here and be sure to read Gateway Pundit’s report on new declassified documents that reveal that Lyndon B. Johnson resisted an independent investigation into JFK’s death:

Declassified JFK Files Exposing Soviet Intelligence Covertly Urges President Lyndon B. Johnson To Investigate JFK’s Assassination, Johnson Later Decisives Independent Investigation

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