Google search makes it easy to find relevant information about women’s sports

Google is introducing several new ways to make it easier for users to find relevant information when searching for women’s sports, the company said announced on Tuesday. The new update comes just in time for the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

The search giant says it has expanded the scope of women’s competitions in the information box you see at the top of the results page to include more than 380 leagues. Plus, Google has added more than 110 women’s soccer, cricket and rugby leagues over the past year. It also partners with broadcasters and rights holders to provide easy access to live streams and highlights right from the Search results page.

“Most of the time, our automated systems can tell what you’re looking for by the words and context of your query,” Google wrote in a statement. blog posts. “But there are other times, with these more ambiguous questions, when our system can’t determine which team – male or female – or which specific person you’re looking for. We have and continue to roll out updates to make the features we feature for gender ambiguous queries more inclusive, for example making it easier to switch back and forth between men’s and women’s results for sports tournaments.”

Google says its system takes search enhancements around tournaments and other factors into account, so they can better understand what users are actually looking for. This will allow Google to show features related to women’s leagues and trending events.

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In addition, Google has made improvements to search in languages ​​based on gender such as Spanish, German and Hindi. For example, queries like “jugadoras de béisbol” (female baseball players in Spanish) now return more gender-correct responses.

Google notes that while its system is getting better at showing women’s sports coverage, it recognizes that there is an imbalance across the web when it comes to men’s and women’s sports coverage. For example, if there is a prevalence of content about men’s sports, it might mean that Search is more likely to show that information. To address this, Google is working with content creators and news publishers to increase the amount of relevant and high-quality media coverage of women’s sports.

For this year’s FIFA Women’s World Cup, users will be able to watch official highlights, follow their favorite teams, get notifications during matches and browse statistics such as head to head record, recent form and win probability.

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