Geraldo Rivera Heard After Announcing He Will Appear On “The View” | Gateway Experts | by Cullen Linebarger

Just when you thought Geraldo Rivera was completely finished, he emerged from the ashes.

As previously reported, Rivera’s ire comes out of Fox News after being canned from “The Five.” He made the announcement from his ship in New York.

Unfortunately, the former Fox News host revealed that his next step isn’t a permanent retirement but rather a return to the airwaves, at least for one day.

On Monday, Rivera announced that he would sit with View’s clucking chickens on Thursday presumably to bash conservatives and his former employers. He was very happy with the invitation.

Loved doing @TheView Thursday. Wonder what they will ask me.

Glad to do it @View Thursday. Wonder what they will ask me.

— Geraldo Rivera (@GeraldoRivera) July 10, 2023

Twitter users responded to the announcement by blasting the former Fox News host. Some even wondered if he would sign with View soon.

He would suit this clown perfectly as one Twitter user noted.

Maybe they’ll ask you, was that your cocaine in the white house

—Ed Sheehan (@EdSheeh52620285) July 11, 2023

Geraldo, the greatest FLIM FLAM MAN, will be appearing on The View on Thursday. See if they give him a contract!

— MDL (@Dudeabidesnow) July 11, 2023

May they ask you how you have remained consistently the butt of jokes over the decades!

— Emiles7719 (@emiles7719) July 11, 2023

Think they’re going to ask about being hit upside down with a chair?

— Doctor Pepper (@Doctor_Pepper40) July 10, 2023

I believe your publicist told them to stay away from any questions relating to Capone’s vault.

— Brandyn Chaos (@brandyn_chaos) July 11, 2023

So you get dumped on the bad girl table.

— DMMcGregor (@dm_gregor) July 10, 2023

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