Full-stack insurtech startup PasarPolis has recruited the former CEO of Allianz Indonesia

PasarPolis, one of the first full-stack insurance companies in Indonesia, has appointed Peter Van Zyl as its president. Van Zyl is a former director and CEO of Allianz Indonesia, one of the largest insurance companies in Indonesia.

Through a strategic partnership with Tap Insure, PasarPolis is able to underwrite and distribute its own insurance products to clients such as Tokopedia, Gojek and Traveloka. Van Zyl will oversee PasarPolis’ strategy as a full-stack insurance company.

In addition to his seven years as director and CEO of Allianz Indonesia, Van Zyl spent 15 years as a senior at AIG. He told Zero2Billions that he decided to move from an established player like Allianz Indonesia to startup life because of the potential he saw in digital insurance solutions reaching the wider population in Indonesia.

Peter Van Zyl

Van Zyl first worked with the PasarPolis team more than eight years ago when Allianz became an insurance company for PasarPolis’ business partner. His responsibilities under the new rules include guiding the company towards its goal of becoming the leading digital insurance company in Indonesia. Van Zyl said that the difference between PasarPolis and other Indonesian insurtechs such as Cermati, Lifepal and Cekaja is its ability to overcome insurance gaps and uneven distribution of insurance in Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia, thanks to its ability to insure and distribute its own insurance products. PasarPolis does this through a strategic partnership with Tap Insure which is registered and supervised by the Indonesian Financial Authority (OJK).

Van Zyl added, PasarPolis also has a strong track record in claims experience and customer service. It successfully completed 98% of total B2B2C (non-credit insurance) claim settlements in less than 24 hours, and 95% of total device insurance claims were resolved in less than two hours.

Apart from Indonesia, PasarPolis is also present in other Southeast Asian markets such as Vietnam and Thailand. Launched in 2015, PasarPolis has issued more than one billion policies and raised over $59 million, including from three Indonesian unicorns: Gojek, Tokopedia and Traveloka. One of his specialties is selling insurance policies to people who have never bought them before, and his embedded insurance products cover travel, home content, logistics, electronics, device health, life, and automotive.

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