French President Macron Boasted Mercilessly During Bastille Day Parade | Gateway Experts | by Margaret Flavin

France is on fire under President Emmanuel Macron.

On Friday, as he walked through the Champs-Elysées in the Bastille Day parade, representatives of the “yellow vests” protest movement expressed their dissatisfaction with his failed leadership and booed him mercilessly as the crowd chanted, “Macron, go!”

France has faced months of unrest under Macron.

After the death of a 17-year-old driver involving officers, rioting led to 1,000 buildings burning, 5,600 vehicles being destroyed and 3,300 arrests worldwide. France.

Early in the year, massive protests have swept through the county including the annual May Day demonstration in support of workers’ rights.

Gateway Pundit reports on protests in March across France after the French National Assembly rejected a motion of no confidence against Emmanuel Macron’s Government and Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne.

Protesters took to the streets several times over the last few months to oppose pension changes.

Disturbances are expected on Friday for Bastille Day celebrations in Paris.

On Monday, The Gateway Pundit reported that, in disturbing circumstances, a severed human finger was delivered to the official presidential residence. The package did not contain any correspondence, only fingers that investigators determined were from a “live victim” whom police sources said had been identified.

Exclusive: This is unheard of #Macron booed by thousands of French at the 14 July Parade.pic.twitter.com/5WH7spPHXz

—Jim Ferguson (@JimFergusonUK) July 14, 2023

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