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French inflation fell to 4.5% in June


France’s inflation rate fell to 4.5% in June from 5.1% in May 2023, matching the consensus forecast of 4.5%.

CPI increased by 0.20% in June 2023 compared to the previous month.

Energy prices have been nearly stable (+0.1% after -3.0% in May), with a slight rebound in petroleum products (+0.3% after -5.9%). Food prices increased at the same rate as the previous month (+0.3%) and manufactured prices remained almost stable (+0.1% after +0.0%). Prices for services slowed slightly (+0.2% after +0.3%) due to falling prices for communication services (‑3.0% after +0.2%) and lower increases for “other services” (+0.4 % after +0.6%).

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