Fake News In Action: Mainstream Media Dedicates “ZERO” SECONDS to Joe Biden’s Million Dollar Bribery Scandal – 527 MIN to Trump’s Garbage Indictment | Gatekeeper

On Friday Maria Bartiromo discussed the media reaction to bomb reports about Joe Biden’s multi-million dollar bribery scandal with Ukrainian officials in exchange for pressuring the president to fire Chief Prosecutor Viktor Shokin.

Hunter and Joe Biden are each seeking $5 million in exchange for forcing the Ukrainian leader to fire Shokin who is investigating Burisma Energy Corporation and Hunter Biden’s positions at the company.

Maria Bartiromo mentioned the Media Research Center’s report on her FBN program Mornings with Maria.

Major networks are devoting “Zero second” to allegations of Biden bribes. ABC “News” skipped the IRS whistleblower trial because it didn’t fit their narrative.

We can’t say this enough – NEVER trust the mainstream media.

Maria Bartiromo: “You name it. The mainstream media is just getting in on all of this. ABC News completely ignored this explosive whistleblower trial. According to Grabien’s transcripts on Wednesday’s World News Tonight and on Good Morning America, the two ignored the hearings altogether. There isn’t any time. In fact, the Center for Media Research reports that over nearly 40 days, ABC, CBS, NBC News spent 527 minutes covering the Trump indictment and 0 seconds on the Biden bribery allegations. Congressman. How hard is it for you to seek the truth, to report the truth, when you don’t have the media willing to seek the truth and follow it?

On “Morning with Maria Bartiromo,” said the host @theMRC a study of how the network has done nothing about Biden’s alleged bribes. He also lambasted how ABC “News” simply skipped the IRS whistleblower trial because it didn’t fit their narrative. pic.twitter.com/KJF4qO84PW

— Tim Graham (@TimJGraham) July 21, 2023

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