eBay acquires AI-powered product authentication company Certilogo

eBay announced today after closing its acquisition of Certilogo, a company that provides digital ID and digital authentication of AI-powered clothing and fashion goods. The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. The Milan-based company will continue to be led by CEO Michele Casucci.

Certilogo uses digital technology to help brands manage their garment lifecycle, while providing consumers with a way to ensure authenticity and access reliable information about goods. The eBay acquisition shows that they want to increase the authentication of used fashion in their marketplace.

“We are thrilled to welcome the talented Certilogo team to eBay, as they bring passion and cutting-edge technology to our community of fashion enthusiasts,” said eBay VP Charis Marquez in a statement. “Through this acquisition, eBay will be able to offer brands secure, flexible and compatible connected product solutions. Brands will also be able to protect their customers from counterfeiting and engaging in re-trafficking through counterfeit-proof digital product passports.”

When eBay used to be announced repurchasing in May, the company said the acquisition marks a major investment in the burgeoning pre-loved fashion category. The company says the purchase cements eBay as a trusted destination for shopping for used clothing and fashion. eBay also notes that this gives customers more confidence as they make more conscious purchase choices on an ongoing basis.

“The partnership between Certilogo and eBay will open up opportunities for consumers and brands to connect, unlocking new potential to enable and expand engagement with the circular economy,” said Certilogo CEO and founder Michele Casucci in a statement. “Our team is ready to work on bringing our technology and infrastructure together and ensuring a seamless transition for our customers, brand partners, and the entire eBay community toward a more sustainable and connected future.”

This latest acquisition comes as eBay has worked to improve its authentication and fraud detection capabilities over the last few years. In 2021, eBay acquired the authentication business Sneaker Con Digital, which verifies the authenticity of high-value footwear. In February, company acquires AI-powered fraud detection company 3PM Shield.

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