Democrat Mother of Jesse Watters Calls for Son Debut at 8pm – Shaming him on National TV with Trashing Trump (VIDEO) | Gateway Experts | by Jim Hopt

Fox News published its promotional video of a repeated prime time line-up Monday morning, marking a new era for the broadcast giant in the wake of Tucker Carlson’s controversial firing.

The new lineup debuts tonight, Monday, at 7 p.m., with a new slogan that aims to covertly attack Carlson, declaring that they’ve found the “Right Voice at the Right Time”. A move that seems to imply that Carlson is not the “right voice” for their platform.

Fox News Channel’s new primetime lineup of blockbusters begins tonight at 7 p.m. pic.twitter.com/W8H8fVhS5N

— Fox News (@FoxNews) July 17, 2023

Jesse Watters officially replaces Tucker Carlson.

Watters has been with Fox News for two decades, starting first as a production assistant, and then rising through the ranks to become a commentator on the O’Reilly Factor, former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly’s program.

The 44-year-old Pennsylvania native currently serves as a co-host for The Five, Fox News’ most popular TV show, and as the solo host of his own program Watters’ World. He is hosting the next show on the 7:00 pm news hour since 2022.

Jesse Watters’ 8pm prime time debut was interrupted by a surprise guest—none other than his own mother, Anne Watters, to congratulate him and offer some surprising advice to his son.

“We have a very special guest, a Democrat, my mom. Mom,” Watters greeted as he introduced her to the audience.

“I want to congratulate you, honey bun. We are very proud of you and your accomplishments, and you have worked very hard,” said Mrs. Watters.

But his calls weren’t just about congratulating his son on his latest career milestone. Mrs Watters had some suggestions, and she didn’t hesitate to share them in person.

“Now let’s aim for you to keep your job. And for that, I have a few suggestions. Don’t fall down the conspiracy rabbit hole. We don’t want to lose you, and we don’t want lawsuits,” he said.

Referring to the Hippocratic Oath, he continued: “We need you to be kind and respectful. You yourself mentioned that being humble is hard, so I understand. Use your voice responsibly to promote conversations that sustain narrative threads.”

Mrs Watters called for an end to criticism of Biden’s failed policies and claimed that the Hunter Biden scandal is old.

“There have really been enough Biden attacks, and the laptops are old,” he said, referring to the ongoing focus on Biden’s controversial Hunter laptop. “Maybe you could suggest that your people are less interested, say, in other people’s bodies and talk about it.”

Jesse Watters found himself needing to clarify his intentions to his mother.

“We try to keep other people’s interests away from children’s bodies. That’s the whole point of the segment,” she quickly corrected her mother’s misunderstood criticism, pointing out earlier segments that addressed the need for children’s privacy and protection.

When Watters tried to finish a call with his mother, Mrs. Watters, however, was not finished. Despite her son’s attempts to continue the conversation, she insisted on giving her famous son more advice, live for all to hear while attacking Trump.

“To find a solution versus fanning the fire. You can encourage your Bedminster friend to return to his early career in television. All viewers can wear red hats, and I’m sure the ratings will skyrocket. Although never as high, my dear, as yours in Jesse Waters Primetime, good luck,” concluded Anne Watters.


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